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Oh hey 



What can I say, I have a passion for creating.





Oh hey,


Welcome to my little website; a place where I have complete creative freedom and can share my art. Although the process of creating this space was tedious, I am so happy I did it. From finding the perfect color of yellow to spending an embarrassing amount of time deciding on the fonts, I enjoyed every step of the journey. 


You see, I have a passion for creating. Ever since I was little, I would always have the most fun expressing my thoughts and using my imagination to create things. I would build Lego palaces, sew clothes for my stuffed animals, and of course, feature my paintings in an exclusive gallery for the world's most famous artists (my lovely parents) to see. Whether I'm drawing a realistic portrait or designing a digital media such as this website, I absolutely love creating. It's a way for me to escape from reality and feel like a kid again.  



                                                                  Thank you so so much for the support :')


                                                                                                     Karina Shirokova





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